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Error: Quinn’s Aquarium Black Screen Issue

Company: Pogo Games

Error Description:  ‘Quinn’s Aquarium’ This game will start to load and then goes to a black screen.

Pogo Support: 800-986-6752

What is Quinn’s Aquarium?

Pogo website is one of the biggest online gaming websites present on the Internet. It provides more than hundreds of casual games from huge computer gaming brands. Quinn’s Aquarium is one of the most popular games on Pogo.com gaming website. But recently, the user of pogo games are facing Quinn’s Aquarium Black Screen Issue.

Why does Quinn’s Aquarium Black Screen Issue Occur?

Recently there have been complaints regarding the loading of this game and is known as “Quinn’s Aquarium black screen issue”. Complains state that during the loading the screen goes black and the game doesn’t run as it should. In some cases, the game causes a freeze to the screen and the users have to shut down and restart their computers for normal running. The user playing this game has experienced the same problem using various browsers. There is a bit of a confusion whether the issue is related to the individual’s computer devices or the Pogo.com website itself. Anyhow this is not the only problem on the website, which raises a serious question on the maintenance of the website and of the games available on it. Many

Pogo Technical Support Phone Number List

Countries Toll-Free Number
Pogo sign in problem support phone number USA 800-986-6752
Pogo sign in problem support phone number  UK 02 0786 26337
Pogo sign in problem support phone number  CANADA 800-864-4162
Pogo sign in problem support phone number  New Zealand 800-449-076


Quinn's Aquarium Black Screen Issue

Users have experienced that the first time in the game is usually normal and works just fine. On a second or third attempt, most of the time the screen freezes during loading. The users with saved progress in the game are not able to resume any after. There are certain rewards in terms of badges in the game which cannot be accessed by the players due to this defect. For people who invest their leisure time in the game, it is a huge disappointment that they cannot play the game they want to play. People have raised this issue in multiple forums and had discussed the issue with people experiencing similar difficulties. Some have found the solution by making few changes in their browsers and in a selection of their browser, but for most of the people, it hasn’t worked at all. Many are trying out different devices but nothing is different.

Basic troubleshooting to fix Quinn’s Aquarium Black Screen Issue:

Some users claim that the add-ons of the browser led to this problem and simply turning the add-ons off would solve the problem. Though it is a potential solution, it does not work in all the cases and continue to cause inconvenience to the users. It is observed that the game works fine in the older devices with Windows 7 but the problem starts with Windows 10. Browsers, JAVA and Adobe Flash has been rechecked by users for detecting potential flaws in the computers. Anyhow, the reason for this problem is currently not clear and is being worked upon. Recent updates in the games are also blamed by some people for the Quinn’s Aquarium Black Screen Issue occurring. People at Pogo.com had acknowledged the issue and are accordingly working on the problem. The frequent visitors and users of the website are disappointed with such low-quality maintenance of the website. This could lead to a reduction of interest among the audience with a period of time. A vast company like The Electronic Arts (EA) owning the website, apparently, isn’t looking into the working and administration of the website properly. Such bugs should not have been a problem for the website but are existing and occurring repeatedly. We hope the above-mentioned steps would help you out in resolving Quinn’s Aquarium Black Screen Issue if you still face this issue then contact the support team. 

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