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Pogo Bingo Luau is Pogo’s free, tropical themed bingo game. In this game you have match the pattern on your Bingo cards before anyone else calls “BINGO”. The goal of the game is to mark enough numbers to match the pattern in the upper left corner as fast as you can most probably before any one else can. You can get the feel of a Hawaiian luau while competing to be the first person to call BINGO in  pogo bingo luau game.

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Pogo Bingo Luau Gameplay

As this pogo bingo luau game starts  each and every player has the opportunity to predict when the B1 ball will be drawn. If you predict correctly, you will be rewarded  a token bonus.
Along with that every time a number is called, that called number will be displayed at the center of the screen. The five most recently called balls will appear to the right of the Called Balls table.
In this pogo bingo luau game, there are many patterns , and these patterns change from game to game. You should try to match all the numbers in the displayed pattern and along with that mark those numbers correctly on your bingo card as well

You have  five different ways for earning tokens in Pogo Bingo Luau!  These are

  1. Bingos and Extra Bingos,
  2. Daubing Squares correctly marked,
  3. Team Bonus,
  4. B1 Prediction
  5. Jackpot Spin.

In the starting of pogo bingo luau game everyone has a set of 3 Bingo cards. These cards will have highlighted squares that match the pattern for the pogo bingo luau game.  In the starting  each and every player has the opportunity to predict when the B1 ball will be drawn. If your prediction is correct, you will be rewarded a token bonus. You lose nothing if you didn’t predict it correctly. The later predictions are worth more tokens because they are less likely to occur. If the B1 ball doesn’t get drawn in a pogo bingo luau game, no prediction bonus is awarded.

Marking Your Bingo Cards

A letter goes along with each number to help you find the numbers on your card more quickly.
Letter B: numbers 1-15, left column on your Bingo cards.
Letter I: numbers 16-30, second to left column on your Bingo cards.
Letter N: numbers 31-45, middle column on your Bingo cards.
Letter G: numbers 46-60, second to right column on your Bingo cards.
Letter O: numbers 61-75, right column on your Bingo cards.

The numbers can appear randomly within a column, but the numbers 1-15 will always be in the B column, numbers 16-30 will always be in the I column, numbers 31-45 will always be in the N column, etc.

The square in the center is labeled “FREE”, and you can mark that square at any time.

If you move your mouse over a number on your bingo card, a faint shadow of a daub will appear on the square if that number has been called this game. If you join mid-game or get distracted, using this technique will make it easier to catch up.
If you need help  in becoming a more advanced pogo bingo luau player then you can call us on our pogo games support number helpline. The pace of the game is listed on the top tabs on the Pogo Bingo Luau room selector page. The type of game (3-cards or 3-card Blackout) is listed on the lower tabs. Choose the speed and type of game as per your need simply by clicking on the appropriate tabs, and then entering a room. In the 3 card Blackout games (also known as Coverall), you must cover every square to get Bingo.

Pogo Bingo Luau is trademark of pogo.com  we just provide support and help for Pogo Bingo Luau game if you ever face these problems you can reach out to us on pogo support number helpline and get solution of errors like pogo game not loading, Pogo Bingo Luau not Loading