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Error: Gems not showing in my Pogo account

Company: Pogo Games

Error Description: Gems not showing up and games will not play

Pogo Support: 800-986-6752


Pogo is nothing but a gaming website. It allows its users to play various games online. The games can be of various types like puzzle games, shooting games, car racing games, etc. It offers different types of games from different reputed brands which are highly entertaining. Similarly, Pogo faces a lot of technical error and for those error response team is established. One of the errors which have been recently discovered is “Gems not showing in my pogo account”. Over the years, this site has gained huge popularity and the number of users on this website is also steeply rising with time.


Gems are a special feature of Pogo and Gems not showing in my pogo account is a technical error in the Pogo. They are a form of token which allows the users to avail additional features on this website. They are used to make Pogo all the more interesting and entertaining. Both Pogo and Club Pogo members can earn gems. Gems can be earned by playing games and scoring points. We can then use these gems for various interesting features like extra badges, power-ups, hidden object game episodes, and more. Gems can also be earned by participating in various types of surveys in Pogo.

Gems not showing in my pogo account


Various Issues Related To Gems not showing in my Pogo Account:

Many Pogo users have complained that even after finishing a game or even after successfully completing a survey, their gems are not being displayed on their account. This is quite a common issue faced by Pogo users from time to time. The user can get in touch with Pogo Tech Support at 800-986-6752 for the issue like Gems not showing in my Pogo account.

Here is a list of various issues that are faced by Pogo users related to Gems not showing in my Pogo Account:

1. Gems not showing in my Pogo Account even after completing a survey:

This issue of Gems not showing in my Pogo account is one of the most common errors which is faced by many users all over the world. Gems are only added to your account after you have successfully completed the survey. In most of the cases, the gems are added to your account as soon as you have completed the survey. But in some cases, it may take a few hours. However, if you see that the gems are still not added to your account, it may occur due to either of the following reasons:

  • You are not eligible for the survey.
  • You have not completed all the steps of the survey.

However, if you have actually completed all the steps of the survey and also you are qualified for it, then you will have to contact Peanut Labs and explain your problem to them. Peanut Labs is nothing but a partner of Pogo who helps Pogo users to earn rewards by participating in various types of surveys.

2. Another problem faced by Pogo users is that their gems go missing every now and then:

One Pogo user has reported that he had 40 gems in his account before leaving for work but after returning home, he found that all his gems were missing. This issue is also considered under the complaint tab of Gems not showing in my Pogo account. For that, what you need to do is to check your gems transactions. The steps to do so are as follows:

  • Open you Pogo account.
  • Click on My Account.
  • Enter your password in the required field.
  • Click on the Billing and subscription link.
  • Go to My gems purchasing.
  • Click on Other resources.
  • Click on View your gems transactions record. From there, you will be able to see all the transactions made through your account.

Hopefully, your issue of Gems not showing in my Pogo Account will be resolved. However, if your problem is still not solved, then you will have to contact Pogo Technical Support and ask for their advice. Contact Pogo Tech Support @ 800-986-6752 for any query related to Gems not showing in my Pogo Account.

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